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This client was looking to redesign their home products brand and portray themselves as an appealing, home-friendly brand with a vast catalog of indoor and outdoor home products. The client required rebranding on amazon and throughout all digital outlets, brand book creation, storefront design, video creation, and photography.


We created a visual language and implemented a clear and concise graphic structure, with new photography and product renders and videos for specific products. We designed a storefront on Amazon for their entire catalog, which is user-friendly and visually appealing. This helped customers navigate through their products quickly and boosted their conversion rate.


  • + Storefront
  • + EBC
  • + Listing Images
  • + Redesign
Project Image

Listing Images

With new product photography, and improved lifestyle images, the home products brand flourished on the amazon marketplace, boosting organic rankings and generating more sales. The listing images were made by using a new design template that helped unify all products and greatly improved brand consistency.

Listing Image 1
Listing Image 1
Listing Image 1

Amazon EBC

The enhanced brand content is full of vivid imagery and human interaction with the products. The large lifestyle images clearly depict the quality of the products and the feeling of safety and security when using them. Our top priority was showcasing the brand through Amazon’s EBC as a family business devoted to high-quality and innovative products.

First EBC Images
Second EBC Images


The complete redesign and implementation of new photography and videos contributed to elevating the brand, raising brand awareness through all digital platforms, and boosting their ranking in the Amazon home improvement category. Their products gave a sense of security, and through the visual structure and information, their products gave the notion of making life easier for the customers.


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Individual Products


Individual Images

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