How We Helped an LED Lighting Client Reach $200 Million in Amazon Revenue

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Lighting companies have always faced fierce competition, but with the exponential growth of the LED industry during the last 20 years, it’s more crowded than ever as this fast-developing technology began replacing incandescent bulbs and gave rise to countless brands. 

The team of Fliprise crossed paths with a LED industry client looking to adopt a more premium character as the next generation quality lighting and grow their customer base. Since the competitive landscape of Amazon for LED lights is determined by a lot of different factors, including performance, savings, versatility, application, adjustability, installation, and overall product presentation, to get our client to their current positioning, we had to derive a detailed holistic method and coordinate all of those moving parts with patience and consistency.

Total Optimization

The Fliprise team derived relevant keyword lists for each product by performing keyword, competitor research, and reverse ASIN searches. Each listing was optimized individually and with great attention to detail, focusing on keyword relevance, Amazon indexing factors, and authenticity. Each title, bullet point, product description, and search term was populated to increase discoverability and bring more traffic to the listing page, resulting in a higher organic search, higher conversion rate, and more sales.

In addition to a fully optimized backend, each of our listing pages contained high-definition, crisp, vivid images and enticing Enhanced Brand Content (A+). Each EBC included a cross-promotion module, which generated significantly more traffic and higher conversion rates. We also created a short video install guide that shows all the components and how they fit together clearly and straightforwardly, along with a simple illustrative installation guide that prevented confusion and errors, thus lowering negative reviews from customers.

Inventory Management

The Fliprise team managed the whole products catalog during these projects, including making necessary alterations, uploads, new products creation, and barcodes. We also did product categorization from scratch, dividing the goods into families or independently. At one point, we were managing over 900 products, ensuring that the presentation of each one of them was adequate, encompassing all the details potential customers needed

When a certain problem (a bug or an error) would occur on one of the listing pages, our team would create cases with Amazon Customer Service to ensure that each listing is always perfect and up-to-date for each bug, error, or defect. We also created and managed Lightning Deals and Coupons campaigns every week on multiple Amazon marketplaces (the US and Canada). 

New Product Launch

This stage included product research, extended competitive research, and detailed keyword research. The Fliprise team designed, populated, and launched over 500 listings for commercial and residential LED lights from scratch. Sometimes this meant creating listings in bulk for a whole family of products (floodlights, led tubes, led bulbs). From that point, we would monitor the sales and progress of the new product and questions, reviews, and comments made by customers. Furthermore, when several listings struggled with initial sales and reviews, we would overcome this setback by enrolling them into Amazon’s early reviewer program to provide the much-needed boost.


Our client wanted a new design for the listing images and the A+ content to stand out from the competition. So, we focused on creating a crisp, clean, and professional look. The experienced design team of Fliprise emphasized the vast array of lighting products in different settings and environments, thus showing their efficacy and versatility

We created a brand book, which helped them fortify the specific guidelines for perpetuating brand identity in all internal and external communications. We helped our clients set their tone, personality, and identity on the Amazon marketplace through powerful visual presentations. With the help of our brand book and the new design, our client reaffirmed their brand identity and trustworthiness with their target audience, establishing themselves as one of the premium leaders of Amazon’s LED industry, and boosting their sales, and achieving revenue of over $200,000,000.

Clearance Project

The team of Fliprise also created the “Clearance Project”, the purpose of which was to sell outdated inventory at discounted prices. This was a large project which brought an increase in profit and reduction of losses. Old inventory that wasn’t selling got reinforced with up-to-date keywords and relevant imagery and was included in weekly Lightning Deals. As a result, the inventory that was sitting idle in Amazon’s warehouses was swiftly sold, thus cutting payments to Amazon Warehouse services and generating huge revenue.

Amazon Customer Support

Sellers with a large number of active listings often find it difficult to handle flagged listings or listings with declining health properly. Such challenges can be frustrating, mainly because of the search page territory when selling on Amazon. For that purpose, we developed specific techniques for catalog monitoring. Also, we relied on our knowledge and experience with opening tickets and establishing direct communication with Amazon Customer Support. With such efficient practices, we managed to get ahead of major issues and take the necessary steps before the client could begin to lose sales.

Voice of the Customer

Monitoring offers’ CX Health can help serve the end customer better. By reviewing comments on the dashboard, we were able to identify issues affecting customers. Once we identified a problem, we immediately took action to remedy it. The solutions usually included removing damaged, defective, or mislabeled inventory or updating the detail page. We helped this client optimize their products and listings better and establish a trustworthy relationship with their customers by regularly doing this.

By the end of this project, the difference we made was quite visible – we helped a struggling and low-profile company establish itself as a frontrunner in the LED lighting industry, resulting in millions of dollars worth of profit solely from the Amazon Marketplace. 

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