From a Small CBD Farm to a White Label Supplier Propelled by Fliprise

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This is a project of mutual growth of a company aligned with nature and the concept of overall wellness encompassing body, mind, and spirit and our Fliprise team, befitting for their specific needs in a challenging marketing landscape, often faced with stigma.

As a family-owned company, this brand had that highly praised fine-tuned attention to detail and unmatched passion for cultivating the purest quality of CBD goods. Outdoor grown, high potency, and artisan batched are just some of the epithets attached to this brand’s oils, skincare products, gummies, and soft gel capsules.

The root of our collab was to help this brand penetrate the marketplace with the right tone and connect with a greater number of people looking to achieve calmness and mindfulness. We set on a journey on fortifying and reaffirming all this brand stands for through visual and textual content that communicates achieving tranquility and peace with oneself through the healing powers of CBD.


Since this industry is not without its challenges, especially surrounding the evolving legal landscape, the Fliprise team focused on creating content that presents the benefits of CBD oil in an open way thus helping combat the stigma and reaching the customers that need the health benefits the most.


Relying on our six years of experience, we created visuals that depicted the exceptional care invested in the products’ creation and reaffirmed the promise of safety and purity. Just as our client took the craft of CBD seriously, we paid serious attention to the visuals that represented it. We strived for a clean and simplistic look rooted in the Danish tradition of hygge for the product labels, the packaging, and the overall brand identity.

Since the use of CBD is still tainted by the association to THC, this project required iterative execution that gave way to steady scaling up. For the client to penetrate the marketplace better, we worked on presenting the products with character that targets our ideal buyers through a problem-solving attitude (decrease daily stress, increase calmness).

For the packaging design we employed a collaborative process with the brand itself with the goal to connect with the audience through strategic visual brand definition. The result was a clean and appealing look with a natural yet scientifically backed-up character.

For the product images, we decided to capture moments when the users of these products are in a tranquil mental space, in peace with themselves and their surroundings while relaxing or doing some daily activities mindfully. Within those guidelines, we created several versions of labels for over 300 products.

Private Label Program

The accelerated success of this brand paved the way to creating a Private Label (PL) program. The team of Fliprise initiated designing the labels for the private label clients according to their brand vision. This resulted in creating hundreds of PL labels for over 200 clients, rendering this B2C brand into a B2B one, and these projects into its primary source of revenue.

When it comes to proper setup, a company should have adequate branding, a well-defined CBD marketing strategy, and product placement that can speak even to the everyday consumer unfamiliar with cannabinoids outside of THC to enter this market space.

Fliprise’s experts have the experience and inside knowledge required for carefully architecting a narrative with substantiated, credible, and authentic facts without making disease or health claims.

CBD branding is a delicate process which is why it’s important to differentiate one company from others while also creating brand assets that don’t violate guidelines, laws, or regulations.

Showing consumers how they can benefit from CBD products involves asking the right questions: Who is the typical customer? What symptoms or conditions is the target audience trying to alleviate? What motivates the different types of buyers when buying CBD oil? It also involves constructing well-balanced answers about how CBD can help support a healthy sleep cycle, help manage everyday stressors, induce a sense of calm, healthy mobility, and normal post-workout recovery.

For a project like this, it’s pivotal to walk a fine line between legalities and sufficient product promotion, which requires a high level of creativity, adaptability, and keeping up with the updates of this industry. Our long-term collab with this company and the rise of the successful PL program proves that Fliprise is well-equipped to walk that line.

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